Safety Precautions to Observe When Changing a Flat Tire

Having a tire go flat on the road is a situation many drivers can handle with the right tools and a little work. However, it's important to be safe when you attempt to change a tire while stranded on the road.

It's important to maintain control of your vehicle when you have a flat tire while driving. Pull over and stop your vehicle as soon as it's safe to do so, preferably on level ground somewhere off the road, such as a nearby parking lot. Be sure the car is in park and that the parking brake is engaged before changing a tire.

At Mercedes-Benz of Walnut Creek, our certified technicians can help you with questions about road safety on the road when you have a flat tire. Be sure to bring your vehicle to our service center in Walnut Creek, CA if you do change a flat tire for an inspection of the wheel and to purchase new tires if necessary.

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