Shifting Gears with the New Mercedes-Benz C300

One of the most common aspects of an automobile is the shifting of gears. Even automatic transmissions have to shift gears in order to get up to a higher speed. Fortunately, there has been a lot of work put into the development of vehicles in order to make gear shifting more seamless. One of the seamless shifting vehicles at Mercedes-Benz of Walnut Creek is the new C300.

One of the noticeable factors in the gears is the wide range of ratios. The steps between the gears have been shortened so that when the vehicle shifts, it can be seamless.

Another feature that works with the vehicle shifting is the ability to choose dynamic modes. This can determine the way the vehicle shifts gears. The Dynamic Select mode is one of the features that can determine every aspect of how your vehicle drives as well as uses up the fuel.



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