New Mercedes-EQ in the Bay Area

Take the Keys to a New Mercedes-EQ in the East Bay After Learning All About All-Electric Luxury Vehicles

Welcome to the Mercedes-EQ headquarters in Walnut Creek! Mercedes-Benz of Walnut Creek is ushering in a new era of driving with the keys to an array of Mercedes-EQ all-electric vehicles. Plug in with our local East Bay Mercedes-Benz dealer in Walnut Creek to unlock an electrifying driving lifestyle. As the Mercedes-EQ experts in the East Bay and Contra Costa County, we want to shed light on the new Mercedes-EQ lineup, charging tips and info, and the ins and outs of vehicle electrification. Go electric in Walnut Creek without compromising luxury!

Get to Know the Mercedes-EQ Lineup in Walnut Creek, CA

Brand-new all-electric luxury models are transforming the future of Mercedes-Benz. As these all-electric sedans and SUVs make their debut as the first Mercedes-Benz models to bear the Mercedes-EQ badge, we want Walnut Creek drivers to get acquainted with these EVs.

New Mercedes-EQ Sedans

Kicking off the Mercedes-EQ lineup is the Mercedes-EQS, a progressive sedan showcasing S-Class levels of luxury and 350 miles of all-electric range. The AMG EQS is the first fully electric AMG model, adding increased power north of 750 ponies. In the future, Danville drivers can enjoy a more efficient East Bay commute with the new Mercedes EQE, a mid-size sedan with E-Class lineage and over 300 miles of all-electric range.

New Mercedes-EQ SUVs

Larger East Bay families will feel at home in a new Mercedes-EQ SUV. Other all-electric compact SUVs aren't as enticing as the new Mercedes EQB, which seats seven passengers and offers 260 miles of all-electric range. Built on the same platform as its EQS sedan sibling, the new Mercedes EQS SUV also seats seven and can travel more than 300 miles around the East Bay and Contra Costa County on pure electric power.

Mercedes-EQ Models Are Enhanced Luxury Vehicles on Every Level

Why should Walnut Creek motorists drive a Mercedes-EQ model? Our Mercedes-EQ vehicles are the most sustainable and efficient luxury cars with improved battery power, quicker acceleration on I-680, and elevated ride comfort on East Bay roads. The same Mercedes-Benz hallmarks of safety, performance, and technology remain while the Mercedes-EQ lineup adds an all-electric twist.

Charge at Home in Your Walnut Creek or East Bay Garage

While Level 1 chargers aren't compatible for these Mercedes-EQ vehicles, a Level 2 charger in your Walnut Creek garage will work. A Bay Area licensed electrician can work with Qmerit to professionally install the Home Flex at-home charger from ChargePoint.

Charging your Mercedes-EQ at home is safe, affordable, and convenient. Level 2 at-home charging can replenish your Mercedes-EQ's entire range overnight.

Charge on the Go Around Oakland, Walnut Creek & the East Bay

There's no faster charging method for your Mercedes-EQ than Level 3 chargers at Bay Area public charging stations. These add nearly 80 miles of range in 20 minutes and can be accessed by Walnut Creek drivers through the lineup's official charging network, Mercedes me Charge.

There are 60,000 public chargers nationwide and hundreds in the San Francisco Bay Area alone. Locate the nearest public charging station featuring Level 2 and Level 3 chargers by using MBUX in your Mercedes-EQ or the Mercedes me Connect app on your phone.

Save Money on Mercedes-EQ Models in Walnut Creek with EV Federal Tax Incentives

Thanks to available rebates for EV purchases, Walnut Creek customers can save thousands of dollars on a new Mercedes-EQ in the East Bay. There's a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 for battery electric vehicles, which includes the Mercedes-EQ lineup.

EV FAQs Regarding Mercedes-EQ & Your All-Electric Driving Lifestyle

Where Can I Find Public Charging Stations in Walnut Creek? Are there enough in the East Bay?

Drivers from Walnut Creek to Oakland can access hundreds of public charging stations in the East Bay and greater San Francisco Bay Area. More electric car charging stations are popping up every day. ChargePoint includes an interactive charging map, and all nearby stations can be found through MBUX or the Mercedes me Connect app.

How Long Does It Take to Charge My Mercedes-EQ?

A DC Fast Charger (Level 3 charging) can recharge most Mercedes-EQ models within an hour. The Mercedes EQS can replenish 70% of its range in 31 minutes. Your Level 2 at-home charger through ChargePoint can add nearly 40 miles of range to a Mercedes-EQ model every hour. All EQ models can fully recharge overnight and be ready for your morning commute along I-680.

Can I Take My Mercedes-EQ for a Road Trip Beyond the Bay Area?

Thanks to Mercedes-EQ's partnership with Electrify America and its 2,600 DC Fast Chargers nationwide, it's easy to take your electric vehicle on a road trip. Although they work best for shorter drives and East Bay commuting, travel is an option, as these Mercedes-EQ models in Walnut Creek offer anywhere from 250 to nearly 400 miles of all-electric range.

Are Mercedes-EQ Vehicles Safe to Drive Around Walnut Creek?

Yes, Mercedes-EQ vehicles are safe, as they feature protected battery packs and undergo rigorous safety testing.